Supra MD10-16EU/SP MK3
Supra MD10-16EU/SP MK3 Supra MD10-16EU/SP MK3

Supra MD10-16EU/SP MK3

269,00 €

Supra LoRad MD10-16-EU/SP MK3 jakopistorasia

Entistäkin parempi huippuluokan pistorasia jossa 3-tie virtapiikkisuojaus. Täysin alumiininen.


Sisääntulo: SUPRA MCH-10, IEC320 16A

Lähdöt: 10 x SUPRA MCH-16/EU, Schuko naaras

Max AC Virta: 16A

Max AC Volttimäärä: 250V

Max Continuous Power: 3680 W

Surge Protection: Type 3

Uoc = 2.5kV(P-N), 4.0kV(P(N)-PE)

Up = 2.0kV(P-N), 2.05V(P(N)-PE)

Paino: 1.7Kg

Mitat: (PxLxK): 645 x 89 x 53mm

HUOM! Tarvitset pistorasialle virtajohdon, jossa on IEC 60320-C19 liitin, kuten esim. jonkin Supran 16 A LORAD virtajohdon

Radiation Free, with Non-Intrusive Filtering and 3-way Surge Protection

10 Schuko EU sockets, fully shielded in Aluminum

NIF-filter, Shielded, 16A

Radio frequency interference reduced by 40dB!

Internal wiring of 2.5sqmm oxygen free copper leads

Supports a staggering 3680W of continuous power!

Protects you and your Hi-Fi audio system from harmful noise fields and radiation!

Suitable for wall mounting

Output 1 & 2

Non Filtered, recommended for Amplifier.

Surge protected

Output 3 to 10


Surge protected